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Rand Blower

Contact Lindie Van Rooyen
Origize 179 T/A
Mica Mining Northern Cape
11 Ian Flemming Road
Tel: 082 800 4938
E-mail: lindie@micamining.co.za


Established in 1975, our core areas include:

    Sole representatives of the Chicago Blower range of industrial fans in Southern Africa.
    The design, and installation of various duct systems and air movement applications, which include: pneumatic conveying, dust / fume extraction, drying systems and ventilation.
    Repairs, maintenance and overhaul of industrial fans and fan components, including the reverse engineering and redesign of fans/components when repairing or overhauling such equipment.

We provide these fan associated products/services to the following industries: Cement, Food and Milling, H/D Process, HVAC, Mining, Pollution Control, Steel/metal smelting, Wood.

As experts in our field, we provide a professional 360 degree approach in terms of advice, guidance and service to our African clientele.